Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fashion in the Early 17th Century - Men

In the early part of the century Men's dress was not too attention-provoking. Up until the 1630s the "pie-crust" ruffled collar was still in fashion and was a carryover from the 16th century as well as longer hair that would reach a bit below their shoulders. Moustaches were worn a bit thick that that curled at the tips. Heeled shoes were worn as well as boots with spurs, think The Three Musketeers. Pointed beards were also worn occasionally. Men also wore breeches instead of the hosiery that was worn in the 16th century. Broad hats that curved on one side were worn that were sometimes plumed More earthy colors were worn in the early 17th century and although many ribbons were adorned on the shoes with geometrically styled doublets that resembled a stiff vest, men's fashion was less fussy or ornate than what their sons and grandsons will wear later on in the century. Capes that were hip length and flung over to one shoulder were worn on occasion as well. Early 17th century men were obviously much more limited than future counterparts on breaking away from fashion conventions. Masculine fashion was geared toward the active man rather than the overly-stylish one.

Your average pair of shoes at this time: